Lease Vs. Buying, Pros and Cons.


Buying a new Volkswagen isn’t the only way to get a new ride. Leasing offers an alternative that usually includes lower monthly payments. Though it was once reserved for corporate or luxury car clients, leasing is now available to any car client who has excellent credit.

Whether you choose to buy a new Volkswagen with cash, finance your purchase or lease, you’ll find that any Volkswagen dealership is equipped to handle the transaction. While leasing can get you lower payments and get you into a nicer car.

Pros to lease

  • Lower Monthly Payment
  • No Need to Worry About Trade In Value
  • Car Remains Covered Under The Manufacturer Warranty
  • Small Down Payment
  • New Car Every 36 Months
  • Always Keeping Up With Technology

Cons to lease

  • Mileage Restrictions*
  • You don’t own the vehicle.

*At the end of the lease, you do have the option to buyout the lease which will eliminate the mileage restrictions. frequently offers money-saving deals on both buying and leasing, and you can explore them on our lease deals page.